My Story

My battle with acne began when I was just nine years old. At the time, I wasn’t sure what I was dealing with. I was the only kid in my class that had pimples on their face. Prior to this , I was a confident young boy, with a healthy self esteem.


But as time went on, I realized that my acne was going nowhere. This caused me to become self-conscious of my skin, and my self esteem declined.

I tried all the typical treatments that were available. Salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, all with no results. If anything, these products damaged my skin, making it look red, dry and unhealthy.


My acne became worse as a teenager, and out of desperation, I started taking Accutane. Accutane has some pretty bad side effects. I learned many years later, that the very high dosage of the active ingredient in Accutane was the culprit, and not the ingredient itself.


Some of these side effects included, Bloody nose, extremely dry skin, muscle and joint pain, and what seemed worst of them all was an extreme flare up of my acne.


After a five month treatment, my acne had improved, but it was not completely clear. My experience from this treatment would stay with me for years to come, and I only hoped that as I entered adulthood, that my acne would finally clear on it’s own.


As I entered adulthood, I still had mild to moderate acne. This completely affected my self-confidence as a young adult, which caused me to miss out on opportunities, and lead to depression at times. As I entered my thirties, I had basically given up hope of ever having clear skin.


That is, until one day when I came across the study  Isotretinoin – Dose, Duration and Relapse from dermatologist Dr. Darius Rademaker from New Zealand.


Dr. Rademaker was trying a different approach with an old acne treatment Accutane (Isotretinoin), but at a much lower dosage . I was intrigued, and started researching how I could use low-dose Isotretinoin to clear my acne once and for all.


After starting the low-dose Isotretinoin regimen that he recommended, I was sure this was the answer I was looking for.


Within six weeks, the acne on my back completely cleared, and I was getting less acne on my face. The acne I was getting, was much smaller and less inflamed.


Within three months, my acne was completely clear.


This was something I had not experienced since I was a young boy. It felt so good to finally have clear skin, that I wanted to share what I learned with as many people as I could.


I suffered with acne for 20 years before finding a solution that ended up clearing my acne completely.


You owe it to yourself to learn from my mistakes, and not waste so many years of your life suffering with acne as I did.


The low-dose Isotretinoin regimen may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Learn more about it here.




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